Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Flat! Again...

Okay, so at first glance. I thought the STANS gave up on me during the cold spell we had, going from -16c to +7c garage. But after looking at the tire, I could hear something moving around inside the tire itself. Removing the rubber from the tire, I got a nail in my tire, the stans held up so good, that the nail just sailed right into the rim and still allowed me to finish my ride before it gave up.

Stopped by the local bike shop in Hull, which sells fat bikes, and picked up a new rear tire for the bike.  This one has huge knobs on it, so it will handle the snow nicely.  I opped out from getting a studded tire, $50 vs $250

Worked on the tire for a while but I guess 26" is not same measurement everywhere.  The new tire is CRAZY tight, which will mean it will have an awesome seal once I am done.

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