Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Your a CHEAT Part 2

I would say about once every two days I will hear someone yell at me “Cheat!” I would really like to know what rules I am not playing by.   Really, biking laws are left up to the cities to decide on and how I ride my own bicycle is up to myself. I just find it fascinating.

On another topic, winter is here and I’m still biking on my Fat Bike!  Enjoying the slush, puddles and all that goes along with it, mostly due to the fact I’m the only one on the bike path!  IT’S ALL MINE!!  Still waiting for my facemask to come in, should be in any day now.

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  1. Are they yelling cheat because you broke some law (perceived or otherwise)?

    Bicycle laws are pretty complex because of the provinces and municipal bylaws. For example in Ontario the HTA does not forbid cyclists from riding on the sidewalk. Cities usually make that bylaw. So Ottawa has a bylaw that flat out says no sidewalk riding (cops choose not to enforce it on small children). In Toronto they made it so your tire has to be a small size (for kid's bikes) but now e-bikes come in that size and they have to revise the law. Where I live there is no such bylaw; but the sidewalks suck so bad even pedestrians walk in the street. :D