Thursday, 20 November 2014

I'm done for now.

So after a few days of driving in this cold weather I'm done.  It's not the weather but the frozen ground with smaller tire ruts in it, is causing me to flop all over the place.  When there is snow, there is no issue at all!

Last night, it took me over 2hr to bike home.  Which is crazy!  I need to let the paths melt and then resnow again before attempting to bike anymore.  

Also, drivers have totally forgotten that bikes exist! In all my time biking, in the last few days have I've had to avoid being 10 times.  

I'm now going to look into getting studded tires just for the ice. 


  1. IMO studded tires are the best.

    When I looked into tire chains I found SlipNot. $105US for a pair of fat bike chains. . When I had asked about shipping they said it usually cost ~$30 to ship to Canada.

    If that's too pricey there are some solid DIY ways.
    - Put lengths of chain around your tire and hold them in place with zip ties. make it look similar to the SlipNots.
    - Look up how to make your own studded tires using wood screws.

    Hope you can hit the road again. All of these options are still cheaper than parking + gas, and you still get your exercise.

  2. I'm in your area a little bit over the next month. If you need a hand with some of these DIY ideas or a little encouragement just let me know.

  3. I'll be attempting a ride in tomorrow. See how it goes.