Thursday, 6 November 2014

Over 5000km

Looking at my odometer, I noticed this morning that I just passed 5000km on my fat bike.  I think this is 5000km that I didn't take the bus nor driven in my car.  And I'm proud of myself for getting this far but at the same time my "progress" bar isn't going down.  I have dropped two belt holes and my shirts have become loose on me, but my weight is staying the same.

Almost every morning I start with a "green smoothy" from my Blentec.  Then I bike to work, where I then down a 1 liter bottle of water and then often go for a coffee.  Might go out for something for lunch or just have a protein bar for lunch and then bike home at the end of the day, where I then drink another tall glass of water and have a meal.

I've noticed my front pads on my breaks need to be replaced now, where previously I only got the rear done.

Lessons Learned:

  • Inspect the bike daily
  • Inspect the tires weekly
  • Oil the chain monthly


  1. Congrats!

    I see you are at the dreaded weight plateau. I'm at one right now myself, haven't lost any weight in the past 3 months. But I've been fitting into smaller clothing, I can see the changes in my face and my body. My calf and quad muscles are huge and well defined.

    For some people, a yardstick is important (for example, weighing yourself is one such yardstick). But there are others that can be done too. Use measuring tape and measure your neck, your chest, your belly etc.. You might not be happy with your weight but you'll be thrilled by the inches lost!

    Of course, that also has diminishing returns; eventually your muscles will make you larger, not smaller. But then you'll be excited about putting the inches on! :D

  2. I have a few different yard sticks. Such as longest I can pedal consistently with out coasting, how fast I can get somewhere, how much battery power is left when I am done my daily commute (Once got home with 90% still remaining) But I was referring to the graphic I have at the bottom of my page :)

    It's taking time but I can tell some of the shirts I was wearing were tight, are now getting loose, I'm using new notches on my belts, so I know things are happening.. just not the weightloss.