Tuesday, 18 November 2014

-15C and still biking

The FAT tires at slightly lower tire pressure (20psi) are going over the snow perfectly.  My ride in this morning, I took the shoulder off the main road (most cars were at a standstill, so it made it that much better!) but when I finally got onto the bike path, the path was horrible.  Frozen ice skating rink with other peoples tire ruts all over the place.

Over all my ride went from 50min to 1hr long.

Face was fine even though I had to remove my face mask, it was causing my glasses to fog up to much. My legs were fine, hands were fine but my toes were frozen, mostly due to the fact that I had frostbite on my toes when I was younger.

During this kind of weather, I think it's more important now, more then ever to obey all the traffic laws.  But yet, I still see other people who are on their bikes crossing the roads on a red, making no signals they are turning, etc..

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  1. Awesome to hear you are still riding!

    How bad is it riding on ice? I found with my studded tires I had almost the same traction as a dry road (except for sharp turns).

    The lady I purchased my tires from had purchased a fat bike and bought studded tires for it. I'm told it's very effective. But the tires are pricey. But if you have old tires kicking around you can always stud them yourself; lots of DIY articles about doing it with hardware screws, There's other options too like tire chains.

    Then again, if it's pretty bad and it only sets you back ten minutes, maybe your existing setup is just fine.

    There are heated electric insoles you can get. Waterproof, rechargable with a remote. I've been thinking about some in case of long off-road rides.