Thursday, 15 October 2015

Sweet 16..

So talking with my daughter about her turning 16...and with the my lack of interest in getting licence to drive.  She asked for a bike like mine.. big fat tires and with a motor on it.

Mine is the front one and hers is in the back.  Now the agreement is that my wife is also sharing the bike.  Which both seem fine with.

Yes, the new one was purchased, already assembled bike.  This is one of the prototypes that has put together.  So no warranty but I'm okay with that.

Hers is a 250watt rear PAS motor system, which means in order for it to work.. she needs to pedal. There is no throttle on it, either.  So she has to move to make it work..  This bike will be plentiful for her needs to get around to her friends houses, etc.

Already made some modification to the bike, since the handlebars was crazy low and far out.  So I extended the stem to be much higher and the bar to be a bit closer.   According to my wife, this made the whole bike feel much better.  Also installed a Gel seat...


  1. Shoulda told me you wanted a gel seat, I would have totally swapped you a gel seat for that saddle.

  2. Want a seat? I have like 4 other non-gel seats... THAT I WILL never used. Crushes my boys.

    The Gel seat I put on, was my older one.. It's amazing how much "spare" parts I have, handle bars, risers, pedals...