Monday, 26 October 2015

Dark Driving

To See
So with the sun not coming up as fast as it normally does, I've now moved my front light game to a new light.  This light is from an Australian company called Knog.  The light is 100 water proof, not just water resistant and is powerful (max 640 Lumen) and USB rechargeable. I only turn this one on when it's dark and I'm on a bike path.  I light that path up like no ones business! MUHAHAHA....

To be seen!
But I've also have learned the value of a "blinking" light.  I hate these but I can tell you, when I have one on, I'm seen by cars who doing do full checks before making a turn.  So I also have another 80 lumen Knog light that flashs at different rates, also USB rechargeable.  With these two lights I have all the front end power I need.

Now to fix up my back end with a red light of some kind.

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