Saturday, 20 June 2015

Seat / Saddle

So I decided to get one of those retro looking brook saddles.  Figured with the hard seat and springs I would have a nicer ride.  Well, that ended up NOT being the case, at all.  Every time I pedaled, the seat would bounce and cause me to go up and down.

I felt like I was on a kids ride.  Bouncing up and down.. up and down...

So I put the old seat back on and going to see if one of my kids may like it.  If not, it's going to become a wall decoration in my shed.


  1. Brook's leather saddles require a break-in period. During that period they are pretty uncomfortable.

    I've also heard of similar problems with the springs being bouncy on them.

    Sometimes fit helps with seats. I was having a painful time with mine until I moved it back just a bit. Went from hurting after a couple of hours to no pain at all. Even on 4+ hour rides, it's my legs that hurt, not my arse :D.

  2. I'm just to heavy for the seat at this time. I removed it and put it on the shelf for another time.