Friday, 12 August 2016

Summer Joy!

I've been driving like crazy on my bike this summer and man I have been enjoying my ride more than ever.  I'm still doing 25km twice daily and the other day I was able to complete that with in 36min!  Which is insane... and I was pushing my fat bike almost at a constant 30km non-stop.

I've made some modifications to the bike:
  • Bigger peddle sprocket.  Went from 22 tooth to 26, doesn't seem like much however it made my ride faster and harder. 
  • I've tried a few different saddles.. some traditional and some not so much.  I plan on writing that up.. 
  • Put in some nice peddles that are smooth and have replaceable bearing
  • Made a useful modification to the Dave's mud shovel
In the mean time, I'm biking daily in this 30+ heat and won't stop...

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