Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Time to get serious

I'm rather upset with myself, as this winter I wasn't nearly as productive has I had hopped. 

To much ice on the ground, which leads to unpredictable movements.  Snow, 1 feet deep.. No issue! 1 square inch of ice on the ground, boom.. I can slide out!

So now that spring is almost here, I've decided for the next month I'm going to be taking a different approach with my habits and removing the thought of eating out of my mind all together.  This is just going to be for a month long.

I'm doing a full month long Soylent 2.0 meal replacement.  Starting March 17th, as the products should be coming in only today.


  • 1 before leaving the house
  • 1 after I get to work
  • 1 at lunch
  • 1 before I go home 
  • And have a normal dinner at home.
Currently back up to 315lbs (I gained 15lbs since December! 5lbs per month..)

Each bottle is 400cal, my size requires 3000-2500 per day.  So in drinks alone, it's 1600 cal, leaving me with 1500cal for dinner.  I'm not going to go crazy and count every cal but it's something to keep in mind as I do this.


  1. Have you thought about giving MyFitnessPal a try? I've found any time I use this app to track my eating, I always lose weight.

    I especially like the way it can plug into other apps... I have a lot of tracking that's done automatically and it can submit calories burned to MyFitnessPal, giving me a better idea of how I should be eating.

    1. I totally forgot about that. My wife was using that for a while. I'll have to re-visit it as a tracking solution. Thanks!