Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Winter Riding part 1 - Face

Goggles Up
Cold Face

I'm going into my real second year of phat bike riding during the winter.  I was pretty successful in my attempt last year but I did things wrong.  This year I think I'm more prepared.

Goggles Down
First, I finally found a good mask for my face that protects my face and allows me to breath when I start moving.  With that, an ANTI-FOG goggles are important.  I found a pair at a used sports store, best $5 I spent.  When not in use, the goggles go up and out of my face.   However, with the mask I cannot wear a pair of standard sunglasses.

The helmet is a snowboard helmet that includes ear covers.

 I've also updated my boots with covers, updated my gloves and added a side saddle bag allowing me to layer off my clothing when it gets to hot. 

This morning it was -2C and I was boiling hot by the time I got to work.  So far so good!

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